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I finally moved up to 16 inch wheels a couple of years ago and wanted to have a spare tire mounted on a 16 wheel, as well. I had heard some conflicting stories about how to go about mounting this in the same place as the 15 inch spare: some said to just adjust the stock spare tire holder, others said you needed a new holder and some longer bolts - neither version mentioned cutting metal off of the van - which is what I needed to do!

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Read more. When I was a kid, my dad would wash his car Volvo wagon every 2 weeks, whether it needed it or not. People have asked me how I keep my van looking so nice - and I am always amazed, as I wash the van maybe once or twice a year.

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More power in almost the same space - how cool is that? This required removing the existing battery box, installing a new box after modifying the box with parts from the old box, as well as latches and sealsinstalling a smaller box for the battery disconnect switch, and while I was at it, installing a new battery meter.

A couple of years ago, while traveling on Route 66 in humid Missouri, chunks of foam started blowing out of our dash vents, filling the cab with sticky bits of disintegrating material - quite a mess.

Here are some photos of how our platform bed is put together. View from the back: My method for holding the platform in place: The platform is hinged in such a way as to form a seat from before we had a drawer :.

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This is how our control panel above the fridge looks now. Let me give you a tour, explain what I did, and share some pointers on what NOT to do… The stock EuroVan control panel is black, has only one 12 volt outlet, and on the 95, has a very stupid layout for the water pump switch.

On later models, the faucet has an integrated switch, eliminating the need for a water pump switch on the control panel. View from the back: My method for holding the platform in place: The platform is hinged in such a way as to form a seat from before we had a drawer : Read more.Although both the Queen and Godolphin would have preferred to avoid single- party government, the unruliness of the Tories had made it necessary for the duumvirs to depend increasingly on the Whigs.

In the Parliament, however, this gave rise to new pressures on Godolphin as the Whigs began demanding a greater share of government. The election held in May and June saw contests in 41 per cent of the English and Welsh constituencies. Godolphin and Marlborough gave full backing to Whig interests in the constituencies while Whig propaganda stressed the importance of the war and the Protestant succession as the lead issues.

Party animosities ran fiercely in this election and degenerated into mob violence in large boroughs and small. At Coventryfor example, pitched battles erupted in the streets between rival mobs. Of the total of MPs who sat during this Parliament, 26 per cent had no previous parliamentary experience.

On the eve of the new Parliament Godolphin, recognizing the necessity of securing Whig support for the ministry in an evenly balanced Commons, appointed William Cowpera rising Junto politician, as lord keeper.

Though unsuccessful, its intention was to force the ministry to disoblige the Queen if they supported it as they must have wanted toor to disoblige the Whigs if they opposed it. With her blessing the Junto lords introduced the regency bill, designed to specify the arrangements for interim government between the time of her death and the arrival of her Hanoverian heir. The Junto nevertheless succeeded in obtaining a much modified clause in which only MPs appointed to recently-created offices were to be excluded from Parliament.

During much of the summer and autumn, however, Godolphin came under increasing Junto pressure for a greater part in government. Harley — the other secretary — deeply despised the Junto and opposed the move, seeing it as a threat to his own position. Relations between him and Godolphin began to deteriorate.

During the session, and with the help of the Junto, the ministry completed the parliamentary stages of the union between England and Scotland. Tory opposition to the guarantees given to the Presbyterian Kirk quickly crumbled. On 29 Apr. Conscious of their growing indispensability to the ministry, the Junto lords stepped up their campaign for admission to the administration.

In the early months of the session Whig criticism and attack focused on the mismanagement of the Admiralty, the failure of the allied cause in the Peninsula, and the additional measures needed to complete the union with Scotland. The major obstacle to greater ministerial co-operation with the Junto and the Whigs was Harley, who behind the scenes was counseling the Queen against them. In February when Godolphin and Marlborough threatened to resign, Harley was dismissed from his secretaryship and took with him his followers, Henry St JohnThomas Mansel and Simon Harcourt Iplus most of the remaining moderate Tories in office.

On 11 Mar. Though this was the first — and in the event only — occasion she had used her veto, her intervention attracted little comment. However, the sudden appearance at this juncture of a Franco-Jacobite invasion fleet en route to Scotland seems to have given the ministers second thoughts, at almost the last minute, about allowing it to reach the statute books.

It was the last occasion on which the royal veto was used. History of Parliament Online Search. Research Explore Gallery Schools About. Members Constituencies Parliaments Surveys.

Oral History. Go To Section A prior sectionadded Pub. See Amendment note above and Effective Date of Amendment note below. Prior to amendment, subsec. D generally. Prior to amendment, subpar.

A and added subpar.

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Prior to amendment, text of subsec. Former subsec.


C generally. C defined the applicable percentage for fiscal years to A and B as pars. B and redesignated former subpar. C and D and struck out former subpars. C and Dwhich established applicable percentages for fiscal years to and thereafter and authorized the Secretary of Defense to reduce such percentages under certain circumstances and to a certain limit.

Please help us improve our site! No thank you. LII U. Code Title Code Notes prev next. In the case of temporary members of the acquisition workforce designated pursuant to subsection g 2such funds shall be available only for the limited purpose of providing training in the performance of acquisition-related functions and duties. B Amounts in the Account also may be used to pay salaries of personnel at the Office of the Secretary of Defensemilitary departments, and Defense Agencies to manage the Account.

C Amounts in the Account may be used to pay the expenses of the public-private talent exchange program established under section g of this title. Such guidance shall include provisions— A identifying areas of need in the acquisition workforce for which amounts in the Account may be used, including— i changes to the types of skills needed in the acquisition workforce. B describing the manner and timing for applications for amounts in the Account to be submitted.

C describing the evaluation criteria to be used for approving or prioritizing applications for amounts in the Account in any fiscal year. D describing measurable objectives of performance for determining whether amounts in the Account are being used in compliance with this section; and. E describing the amount from the Account that may be used to pay salaries of personnel at the Office of the Secretary of Defensemilitary departments, and Defense Agencies to manage the Account and the circumstances under which such amounts may be used for such purpose.

B developing acquisition tools and methodologies and performing research on acquisition policies and best practices that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of defense acquisition efforts; and. C supporting human capital and talent management of the acquisition workforceincluding benchmarking studies, assessments, and requirements planning.A mm in. Although not in base equipment, folding markers are available for the following integral planter configurations:.

Vacuum is created by a hydraulically driven vacuum blower assembly mounted on the planter frame. The vacuum blower requires a tractor with a closed-center hydraulic system and a separate selective control valve SCV. For tractors with open-center hydraulic system, a vacuum or rpm power take-off PTO -driven hydraulic pump system is available. PTO pumps offered from the factory are limited to row applications or less. Different vacuum levels are required depending on the crop being planted.

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A hydraulic control valve lets the operator regulate vacuum blower speed, changing the vacuum level. On late-model John Deere tractors, vacuum levels are set from the tractor seat using the SCV controls. The control valve is not needed in those applications.

At full flow, the system flows up to Convenient vacuum gauges located on the planter hitch give a visual indication of the vacuum level. Consult the vacuum metering seed charts in the operator's manual for initial vacuum setting recommendations. All planters with vacuum metering systems have case drain motors on the vacuum blowers. Case drain lines will have a flush-face case drain coupler on the planter and will require a corresponding flush-face case drain coupler on the tractor. The flush-face coupler simplifies implement attachment by allowing operators to easily identify the case drain.


The unique hose tip is unable to connect to another coupler on the tractor, ensuring the correct setup. It is important to connect this case drain hose to prevent the continuous and complete draining of hydraulic fluid due to the relief feature that opens the coupler when the pressure reaches 10 psi.

This relief feature is designed to protect the motor shaft seal if for any reason the case drain hose was not connected to the tractor. The flush-face hose tips have less back pressure than ISO case drain tips, and the flat surface makes these couplers easy to clean, providing less chance for contamination.

An increasing number of acres combined with rising seed costs drive the need to easily understand planter functions and monitor performance. It is all about making every seed count and that is what SeedStar 2 delivers.

Conveniently, SeedStar 2 planting functions are fully integrated with the full spectrum of AMS applications—guidance, coverage maps, and field documentation can be shown all on one display. All vital planting information is displayed in one central, easy-to-read location. SeedStar 2 is a user-friendly system that has retained all the valued features of SeedStar and incorporated the next generation of enhancements.

In addition, three color black, orange, or red planter at a glance bars visually inform the operator of row population status.

Not only does SeedStar 2 incorporate the use of color, it also utilizes an intuitive icon and folder based operator interface. Icons are easy to understand across many languages and reduce the need for text. SeedStar 2 monitors the following planter functions:. In addition, planter operational information is available within the SeedStar 2 monitor system.History: Add.

June 19, ;-- Am. July 20, ;-- Am. July 26, ;-- Am. Enacting section 1 of PA provides:"Enacting section 1. In accordance with section 30 of article I of the state constitution oftotal state spending in this amendatory act and in House Bill No. Michigan Legislature User Menu. Printer Friendly. If the district determines to accept applications for enrollment of a number of nonresidents, beyond those entitled to preference under this section, the district shall use the following procedures for accepting applications from and enrolling nonresidents:.

A Provide notice to the general public that applications will be taken for a period of at least 15 calendar days but not more than 30 calendar days from nonresidents residing within the same intermediate district for enrollment in that grade, school, or program.

The notice shall identify the dates of the application period and the place and manner for submitting applications. B During the application period under sub-subparagraph Aaccept applications from nonresidents residing within the same intermediate district for enrollment in that grade, school, or program.

C Within 15 calendar days after the end of the application period under sub-subparagraph Ausing the procedures and preferences required under this section, determine which nonresident applicants will be allowed to enroll in that grade, school, or program, using the random draw system required under subsection 14 as necessary, and notify the parent or legal guardian of each nonresident applicant of whether or not the applicant may enroll in the district.

The notification to parents or legal guardians of nonresident applicants accepted for enrollment shall contain notification of the date by which the applicant must enroll in the district and procedures for enrollment. The date for enrollment shall be no later than the end of the first week of school. If there are still positions available after enrolling all applicants from the waiting list who desire to enroll, the district may not fill those positions until the second semester or trimester enrollment under subsection 3as provided under that subsection, or until the next school year.

The district shall provide notice to the general public of the place and manner for submitting applications and, if the district has a limited application period, the notice shall include the dates of the application period. The application period shall be at least a calendar-day period.


This subsection does not prohibit a district from expelling a pupil described in this subsection for disciplinary reasons. If the number of qualified nonresident applicants residing within the same intermediate district eligible for acceptance exceeds the positions available in a grade, school, or program in a district for nonresident pupils, the district shall use a random draw system, subject to the need to abide by state and federal antidiscrimination laws and court orders and subject to preferences allowed by this section.

The district shall develop and maintain a waiting list based on the order in which nonresident applicants were drawn under this random draw system. However, at the time a nonresident pupil enrolls in the district, a district shall provide to the pupil's parent or legal guardian information on available transportation to and from the school in which the pupil enrolls.

Consistent with state and federal law, that district is responsible for developing and implementing an individualized education plan annually for a nonresident pupil described in this subsection.

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Chapter Act 94 of Section Last updated April Lawyers and the Legal Process Contents. Download PDF. Defamation per quod—Essential Factual Elements Private. To establish this claim, [ name of. That [ name of defendant ] made [one or more of] the statement s. That because of the facts and circumstances known to the.


That [ name of defendant ] failed to use reasonable care to. Expenses [ name of plaintiff ] had to pay as a result of the. Private Concernshould be used in this type of case.

Presumed damages either are not available or will likely not be sought in a per. An additional element of a defamation claim is that the alleged defamatory. Sturbaum Cal. If this element presents an issue for the jury, an instruction.

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Under the common-interest privilege of Civil Code section 47 cthe defendant. The plaintiff then must prove that the statement was made with malice. Lundquist v. Reusser 7 Cal.

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Interest Privilege—Malice. If some other privilege is at issue, an. See, e. For statutes and cases on libel and slander and on the difference between.Skip directly to navigation Skip directly to site content.

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Forgot Password. Conditions of Use This warning banner provides privacy and security notices consistent with applicable federal laws, directives, and other federal guidance for accessing this government system, which includes 1 this computer network, 2 all computers connected to this network, and 3 all devices and storage media attached to this network or to a computer on this network.

This system is provided for government-authorized use only. Personal use of social media and networking sites on this system is limited so as to not interfere with official work duties and is subject to monitoring. By using this system, you understand and consent to the following: The government may monitor, record, and audit your system usage, including usage of personal devices and email systems for official duties or to conduct HHS business. Therefore, you have no reasonable expectation of privacy regarding any communication or data transiting stored on this system.

At any time, and for any lawful government purpose, the government may monitor, intercept, and search and seize any communication or data transiting or stored on this system. Any communication or data transiting or stored on this system may be disclosed or used for any lawful government purpose.

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